Private concierge service

Time flies ! So many things to do all over the year that make your days longer…

Enjoy your spare time by entrusting what takes too much of your time to our concierges : planing your holidays (visas, flights, airport transfers, accommodation, activities), administrative procedures, regular maintenance of your car, private events, house-hunting (purchase or rental, move), last minute presents, etc … 

This private concierge service is included in all our subscriptions. Enjoy it everytime you need.

Your concierge will be the one and only representative to answer your questions and expectations. He will follow the progress of the service you have requested and will be available 24/365.

 All you will need to take care of, are your family, friends and hobbies: all the things you love.

 You can choose between several types of subscriptions, depending on the number of trips you want us to plan in a year.

You do not need to subscribe, you can use our concierges occasionally.  Therefore, we will draw up an estimate for the service requested as soon as possible.

 Allowing you to save time is essential.